Effective Communication between

Suppliers – Buyers

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Efficient supply of products and services

The B2B Portal solution guarantees the efficient supply of products and services, optimizing production and commercial processes.

Transparency and improvement of processes

Provides complete visibility into processes, allowing to streamline communications, reduce errors and process essential documents to manage your business relationship with suppliers.

Compatible with any ERP

B2B Portal provides efficiency in the P2P process, from the publication of the PO to the management of accounts payable in a flow integrated with your ERP.

Efficient Direct Communication

Streamlines communication processes through the platform, without having to implement different transactional or communication platforms with suppliers.

Decrease in operating times

It facilitates your purchasing work and reduces traditional administrative expenses, from the publication of purchase orders, to monitoring the payment of invoices, guaranteeing that 100% of the suppliers are in a single communication platform."

All your information centralized and optimized


  • Publication from ERP.
  • Query according to the criteria.
  • Handles Buyer-Provider messages in a bidirectional way.
  • You will be able to attach documents.
  • You will get follow-up at the Service Desk.
  • It will notify you about confirmations from suppliers.


  • You will be able to register the appointments.
  • Check your appointments according to the established criteria.
  • Configure reception parameters.
  • Active or inactive schedules.
  • You can cancel appointments.


  • Reception from supplier.
  • Search and consultation of invoices.
  • Check your history.
  • Perform addenda editing.
  • Viewing in PDF and XML.

All your information centralized and optimized

Organize management and information on a single platform

Reduction of operating expenses

from 5 to 20 USD per transaction

Centralized Administration

At the same time that the operation is decentralized

Supplier - Buyer Communication

Permanent through a single platform

Transparency in processes

Gives full visibility to those involved

Safekeeping of Documents

On servers in the cloud with the highest security standards


B2B Integra works with any commercial or own ERP, includes hours of development for integration and implementation to suit the needs of your company